CHULUX Slim Single Serve Coffee Maker for K Cup Pods & Ground Coffee, One Cup Coffee Maker Fits 7.3" Travel Mugs, Coffee Machine with 5 to 12oz Brew Sizes

CHULUX Slim Single Serve Coffee Maker for K Cup Pods & Ground Coffee, One Cup Coffee Maker Fits 7.3" Travel Mugs, Coffee Machine with 5 to 12oz Brew Sizes

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CHULUX QF-CM807 slim coffee maker incorporates instant heating technology with an NTC element . rapidly heating water to the optimal 185°F for brewing coffee within just 2 minutes (with a water amount of 5oz). Following the brewing process . the energy-saving feature automatically turns off. Just remove the used capsule or reusable coffee filter for enhanced convenience and energy efficiency.

Sporting a sleek and slender design . this mini small coffee maker measures only 4 inches in width . making it a compact addition to anywhere. Compared to the old model . after removing the drip tray . it can accommodate travel mugs with a height of up to 7.3 inches. For standard mugs . you can adjust the drip tray upwards to prevent splashing. This design not only fits cups of different heights but also collects residual coffee liquid . keeping the tabletop tidy. The drip tray cover is made of stainless steel . making it easier to wipe clean.

Labor-saving lid-opening mechanism . requiring you to add water and your preferred coffee capsule or ground coffee (compatible with a separately sold reusable coffee filter). A simple press of a button initiates the brewing process . delivering a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee within minutes. The user-friendly design ensures effortless operation . making it an ideal choice for a busy and fulfilling day.

Boasts a single-cup water reservoir design . add fresh water directly into your mug then pour it into the water tank for each brewing cycle . ensuring consistently fresh and delightful coffee. Featuring a 4-hole outlet needle . the water is evenly dispersed . preventing concentration in the center and ensuring thorough brewing for all coffee grounds in the surrounding area. This guarantees a flavor profile approaching perfection.

This coffee machine is compatible with K-cup pods . providing a wide selection of brands and flavors . including tea. Additionally . you have the option to use a reusable coffee filter (sold separately) for brewing your preferred ground coffee. Weighs 2.8 lb. Condition - New.

Due to variations in water quality in different regions . it is recommended to perform descaling cleaning on the coffee machine using vinegar . citric acid . or a descaling agent based on usage frequency to prevent clogs or reduced flow rates.
For extended storage . conduct a descaling cleaning before storing to prevent pipe blockages.
If you need to travel with it . avoid the coffee maker to severe shaking or impacts to prevent internal components from detaching or getting damaged.
When using K-cup capsules . press down and ensure the bottom is punctured properly to prevent water overflow.
Use original K-cup capsules to prevent coffee grounds from entering the cup.
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